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Eat, shoot, climb with our customers at HomeTeamNS

Here at ST Engineering, we are constantly exploring in adventurous ways to engage customers and what better way is there than hosting a physical event since a hiatus from Covid-19?

This year’s Mid-Year customer event, customers of the Marine arm of ST Engineering organized its long-awaited family day where their family members were invited to join us for a fun-filled day of activities for all ages.

Besides the sumptuous buffet meals provided, customers participated in the two main activities at HomeTeamNS Tampines. Laser Quest, aimed at teaming up participants, pitted teams against each other for the most points. Clip ‘n Climb, comprising 19 different climbing challenges, was designed for families. Participants of all ages had their physical limits challenged as they attempted the different courses of varying difficulties.

The event rounded up with a session of bowling and participants each received a personalized bottle to encourage sustainability in our daily lives.

We definitely had fun! We thank all our customers who came down and brought even more cheer to the event! Till we meet again in the next one!

Signing off, Marine, Corporate Marketing.