Sailing Ahead With Maritime Innovations

Cutting-edge vessels with improved versatility, operational readiness and through-life support are among ST Engineering’s maritime solutions at the Singapore Airshow 2022. Onward brings you a sneak peek of the exhibit highlights.

Singapore, 14 February 2022 — The Marine arm of ST Engineering will be showcasing its advanced capabilities for Maritime Security, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR), Homeland Security, Smart Cities and Environmental Engineering at the Singapore Airshow from 15-18 February 2022 at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

Delivering a force multiplier for maritime security

Fleet owners who are familiar with the philosophy of “One Design, Multiple Classes” can learn more about the Vanguard Series of multi-mission naval vessels that harnesses ST Engineering’s proprietary hull design. The scalable hull form provides a common, yet highly operable platform across multiple vessel classes — from frigates, corvettes and offshore patrol vessels, to naval research and support vessels.

Thanks to advanced computational fluid dynamics and extensive model tests, the optimised hull form is hydrodynamically efficient. Thus, the Vanguard Series is capable of lower resistance, enhanced manoeuvrability and higher seakeeping performance. Given the modularity of its design, the Vanguard platform can be easily adapted or reconfigured for multi-roles and missions.

The Vanguard Series promises to be a future-proof solution for customers transitioning towards Innovation 4.0. Navies taking advantage of the Vanguard hull can be assured of improved force projection and operational availability with less crew on board.

On display at the Airshow is a model of the newest variant under the Vanguard Series. It incorporates the option for enhanced digital technologies, such as DigiShip and Digital Twin, for faster, more efficient and autonomous operations. This will equip navies with the force multiplier required to operate large ships with crew sizes typical of smaller defenders.

Image 1: The latest digitalised variant under the Vanguard Series.

Also on display is a model of the Vanguard 60, a highly versatile and reliable offshore patrol vessel suited for a wide assortment of missions, including maritime security and search and rescue operations. This 60-metre vessel has a maximum speed of 25 knots and is designed for all round operations with a range of 2,000 nm at a cruising speed of 16 knots and 14 days endurance for sustained missions.

Ensuring a ready response in times of medical crisis

The Hospital Ship features a cost-effective ROPAX conversion repurposed for HADR missions. It is designed specifically to reduce the strain on hospital resources during natural disasters or medical emergencies — including the provision of additional capacities and resources during a pandemic.

Equipped to save lives, the Hospital Ship houses one-stop integrated medical facilities like operating theatres, Intensive Care Units (ICU), isolation rooms, light care beds, as well as decks for helicopter and ambulance transfers, while keeping all on board safe at sea. This can prove critical in the wake of tsunamis or volcanic eruptions which can cut off conventional supply routes over land and air.

The Hospital Ship’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is fitted with additional High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters, allowing for the filtration of tiny virus particles prior to delivering air to the various rooms. This ensures that the ship is a suitable platform for treating infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Image 2: Hospital Ship, the future of medical response at sea.

Other maritime and smart city capabilities on display include:

Endurance 160: a well-proven multi-purpose and multi-role ship with five spots on deck for helicopters, and a spacious hangar below deck for additional helicopter assets. The Endurance class landing platform dock can also house extensive hospital facilities, and is well-suited for HADR, peacekeeping and counter-piracy operations.

Super Swift Fast Patrol Boats: a range of ultra-high speed patrol boats designed for interdiction, interception and patrolling. The boats feature a proprietary air cavity hull, capable of delivering speeds of up to 70 knots, alongside improved ride and crew comfort.

Heavy Fire Vessel (HFV): the world’s first firefighting vessel with a Dynamic Positioning System to be classified to Fi-Fi III by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). It has an unparalleled pumping capacity of 14,400 m3/h and 12 water/foam monitors with a combined capacity of 16,200 m3/h, exceeding ABS classification requirements.