New chapter of the Marine 4.0 journey – SMAV

The birth of Industrial 4.0 has led to maritime autonomous technology taking shape at a rapid rate because it is not difficult to envision the safer, more reliable and efficient outcomes it can offer to mundane and repetitive operative tasks that could be labour-intensive or even dangerous.

In conjunction with MPA is the conversion of a manned tug boat to one with autonomous capabilities to demonstrate autonomous waypoint navigation, remote operations and advanced maintenance capabilities by retrofitting the vessel with ST Engineering’s autonomous kit and NERVA SMS². The autonomous kit provides the Navigation Autonomy for the vessel to sail autonomously with Collision Detection and Avoidance. The NERVA SMS² provides HM&E Autonomy, giving visibility on the vessel’s status, prognosis and predictive maintenance which all result in enhanced operational, productivity and cost efficiency for ship owners and operators.

No doubt, this is a game changer of vessel design, construction, maintenance and repair processes, manpower distribution, and even port operations. The project was executed no different from a new build project, with milestones ranging from design & integration reviews to development phase to Installation, Check-out, Integration & Testing (ICIT) phase.

Watch here, as our speaker Mr. Ng Tee Guan, VP for Marine Technology & Solutions of ST Engineering shares on the project achievement in the recent Singapore Maritime Technology Conference (SMTC) on our Smart Maritime Autonomous Vessel, sailing towards safer, smarter and more efficient shipping.