2nd Special Class Renewal cum BWTS Retrofit

The above recent testimonial is from our repeat customer in recognition to the retrofit work done by STEML. Back for the third time, Kamome Victoria, a  product tanker owned by Shintoku Kaiun, docked up its vessel in September for the repair of the ship’s 2nd Class Special Survey and retrofitting of  Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS). The retrofit of BWTS to be aligned to the requirements specified by the International Maritime Organisation. ST Engineering is highly experienced in BWTS, having completed numerous works in this area. Shintoku Kaiun Co. Ltd owns and manages around 12 Oil Tankers sailing through the globe. As one of our regular customers since 2012, different vessels from Shintoku Kaiun are a familiar sight at our yards when they return for their regular repairs and upgrades. The relationship forged over many years is a testament to ST Engineering marine arm’s vision to offer niche turnkey and sustainable solutions to the customer.

Proper planning with prior preparation

To facilitate and reduce the total job time required, close to 400 pipe spools were pre-fabricated and sent for galvanizing. Polyethylene coating was also prepared prior to the ship’s arrival. BWTS equipment foundations were similarly pre-fabricated with some of the new equipment installed onto their foundations, simplifying workflow once various equipment were lifted and shifted into the engine room and pump room.

Figure 1: Ballast Pipes Installed and Painted

Overcoming challenges along the way

During the installation of the foundations in the engine room store, hot work requirement posted a challenge for the project team. This was because the engine room store was assessed to be unsuitable for hot work. Additional precautionary measures were taken in order not to affect any power cable and electrical panels. Enhanced assessment of the work area enabled us to carry out work in an efficient manner where we managed to swiftly executed to prepare the area for a smoother workflow. This aided in minimising any delay in the project schedule.

Figure 2: New Ballast Pipes Installation in Progress

Installation of the ballast water treatment system

Work commenced for the new BWTS installation after the ship side was cut to facilitate the shifting-in of the main dosing and filter units with all other foundations. Close teamwork within the three main divisions; Hull, Piping and Mechanical was essential to ensure efficiency in the simultaneous lining up of pipes and their corresponding support structure and underdeck carlings. With careful planning and detailed management, a total of 15 ballast equipment for the BWTS were installed a day ahead of scheduled. 

Figure 3: Estimated work frame for installation of BWTS

“Your proposed repair is reasonable and economical and we are fully satisfied with your job quality, extremely high level! Thanks to you, our vessel was completed on time and departed from your good dockyard safely. Your staff are very skillful and professional. Before coming to Singapore, I was afraid that the job will not be completed on time due to difficult situation resulted by COVID-19. Needless to say, your dockyard is excellent. On behalf of our company, I’m very grateful for you and your team’s cooperation. We are looking forward to meeting you again in the near future,” said Kentaro Tanaka, Technical Manager of Shintoku Kaiun on the day the vessel departed our yard upon completion.