Meet Mr. Sankar, our Supervisor (Chargehead)

38 years. No, that is not the age of Sankaralingam s/o Kurupillai (Sankar), Supervisor (Chargehand) of the Marine sector, but the number of years of service Sankar has dedicated to his job. Since he joined the company (then Singapore Shipbuilding and Engineering) in 1982 as a worker, Sankar has worked in different yards from Benoi to Brani to Tuas, and even had short stints in customers’ yards in Thailand and Australia where he built up a valuable reservoir of experience repairing engines and various parts of naval vessels.

Unknown to most, Sankar used to be a professional football player, representing Singapore’s Under-16 team. His football career came to a sudden halt due to a serious knee injury. In an unexpected twist of fate, a close friend recommended Sankar to join the company, and as they say, the rest is history.

Mr. Sankar (standing front row, third from right) in his younger days, as part of of the U-16 national team

“With the guidance of great mentors like my ex-supervisors- Mr Ooi Kim Hock who recently retired and the late Mr Lim Tain Ser, I was able to learn the ropes quickly while on-the-job, and excel in my work,” said Sankar. “I remain grateful to both of them, till this day.” He was also given the opportunity to go for overseas courses in the UK to further his knowledge in naval engines.

Yet, 38 years ago, joining the company was simply a leap of faith that Sankar had taken. He had no prior knowledge of the marine sector, much less on engineering. In addition to receiving great mentorship and varied work exposure, everything panned out smoothly through his determination to learn, and can-do spirit.  Today, Sankar continues to put on his best performance each day, and is paying it forward as he guides and mentors colleagues under him, with the belief that they can develop and grow with the company like he did.