Adopting an intelligent and cost-effective 2-in-1 scrubber

Mainstream ships across the globe are currently sailing using engines and boilers powered through heavy fuel oil. With the underway of IMO2020, vessels are gradually adopting various approaches to meet this regulation. One of such way is getting an innovative, intelligent and cost-effective scrubber.

ST Engineering’s world’s first marine combined scrubber (CoSCRUB), utilizes a single reagent to reduce both sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) content before discharging the waste gases into the atmosphere. These harmful gases need to be treated appropriately to reduce atmospheric pollution from ship operations.

The Scrubber Monitoring and Control System

To add intelligence and smartness to CoSCRUB, STEML combined its 2 in-house developed product, CoSCRUB and NERVA, to provide ship owners with increased level of automation, as well as real time monitoring of related ship parameters.

The abatement process and flow regulation of the scrubber is managed by controlling and monitoring of the valves, pumps and instrumentation interactively. This is a complex control process, complicated by the number of instrumentations that needs to be monitored and controlled.  Incorporating CoSCRUB with NERVA allows this complicated process to be automated for ease of operation..  Data from various instruments are monitored by NERVA to determine scrubber performance and these are also logged for further offline analysis by an operator if required.

HMI screenshots of CoSCRUB in NERVA.

Simple yet handy features such as multiple chart trending allows for ease of comparison between signals during performance analysis. Digital user manual is also available for quick reference and troubleshooting. Alarms and events are logged for post-incident reviews.

NERVA which leverages on latest web-based technology, allows the operator to access our NERVA system through a Wi-Fi enabled tablet or laptop provides results on-the-go and real-time.

General overview of the CoSCRUB system with sensemaking system application.

For more information or product demonstration, please contact Mr. Ng Tee Guan, Vice President for Marketing and Business Development (Marine Technologies and Solutions).