Customer Gatherings in the Festive Season

Customers from the Marine sector of ST Engineering were treated to a number of memorable year-end parties over the recent Christmas and New Year holidays. These yearly traditions provide an excellent opportunity to catch up with our customers from different sectors in an informal setting.

The first of these activities was held at Beast & Butterflies on 22 November 2019. The restaurant’s stylish interior was designed by Philippe Starck—the same designer who conceived the luxurious M/Y A Superyacht docked at Tuas Yard for repair earlier in the year. The event was hosted by Mr Ng Sing Chan, President, Marine of ST Engineering, who gave the welcome speech and thanked all the customers for their unwavering support.

Customers enjoying the cocktail reception at Beast & Butterflies at M Social

The Christmas gathering was held at Tuas Yard on 20 December 2019. The event was well attended by guests of both Benoi and Tuas Yards, who were ready to raise a toast to yet another year of fruitful partnership.

Christmas Party in Tuas Yard, 20 December 2016

Finally, two “Lou Hei” get-togethers were organised in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations in early 2020. The tossing of “yu sheng” is an annual custom for the Marine arm in a nod to a prosperous new year. The party at Benoi Yard was held on 30 January and hosted by Mr Lim Nian Hua, Deputy President, Engineering and Operations; while the 31 January 2020 gathering at Tuas Yard was hosted by Mr Chandrasehgaran Seetharaman, Senior Vice President of Tuas Yard.

Chinese New Year, Lo-Hei Party in Benoi/Tuas Yard on the 30 & 31 January 2020