A New Lease Of Life For Refurbished Vessels

The Marine sector’s Tuas shipyard was the facility of choice for owners of vessels ranging from luxury yachts to tankers and hopper dredgers that were sent in for repair works earlier this year.

Motor Yacht A (MY/A), the world-famous superyacht designed by Phillip Starck, was among the vessels. Conceptualised 15 years ago with ultra sleek features that blend effortlessly with the elements of the sea, the beautifully constructed MY/A continues to turns heads wherever it sails.

It was an honour to be entrusted with the maintenance of MY/A, and the Marine team were waiting excitedly as the 119-metre beauty glided into the berth in late June 2019. Working alongside the crew on board, our team members swung into action with clockwork precision and modern machineries to reel in the luxurious vessel and ensure its safe docking.

Our specialised team at Tuas yard worked with the crew on board to dock the vessel safely.
Aerial view of Motor Yacht A preparing to dock at Tuas yard.

Repair works were carried out at various parts of the vessel, including the engine room, tanks, hull and crew cabins. The work done on the superstructure windows had to be closely coordinated with specialists from Germany who were engaged by the MY/A team. Throughout the repair period, the entire vessel had been covered with special protective material prepared by the Marine team in close partnership with the Captain of the vessel.

“It’s definitely a first for us, having a world famous superyacht as Motor Yacht A docked at our shipyard. The whole team was so excited to work on the vessel.  This represents a much welcomed challenge for us, but one that we were very delighted and confident to take on,” said Chandrasehgaran Seetharaman, Senior Vice President of Tuas yard.

MY/A’s Captain Craig Thurlbourn added, “With more in the yachting community seeking voyages off the beaten track, Singapore provides a strategic location to carry out maintenance and repair between guest trips in the Asia region. ST Engineering is alive to the unique challenges in dealing with yachts, and both teams have learnt a great deal from our first visit to the yard. I look forward to continuing our relationship with the Marine team at ST Engineering, and would happily return for future works as required.”

Motor Yacht A, designed by Philip Starck, is known as the world’s most talked-about vessel.

Meanwhile, the tankers MT Topaz and MT Turquoise belonging to ABC Maritime were brought in for thorough cleaning and inspection, with additional hydro blasting and re-painting works being carried out on four of the cargo tanks. The pumps, fans and motors on board the vessels were also serviced, while the deck and cargo pipes were renewed and pressure-tested. The accommodation space was given an extensive refurbishment, resulting in upgraded flooring, furnishing and fittings.

Sea trials for MT Topazwere successfully completed in February and the vessel departed on 5 March 2019; whereas MT Turquoise, which arrived a month later, departed on 27 March 2019 after successful sea trials. Both vessels were delivered ahead of schedule, to the delight of Mr Robert Rohrback, the loyal customer from ABC Maritime, who expressed his immense satisfaction with the consistent and high quality workmanship of our maintenance, repair and overhaul expertise.

ABC Maritime’s MT Topaz.

Separately, Oranje, Boskalis’ hopper dredger, was docked at Tuas between 17 April and 18 May 2019 for a wide range of repair and maintenance works. The vessel’s superstructure, main deck, forepeak tank and deck gantries were hydro blasted and repainted, and 45 tonnes of steel were renewed on the longitudinal bulkhead.

Other works included the overhaul of all the valves, pumps and heat exchangers, the removal and reinstallation of the sliding piece, and extensive refurbishment to the accommodation space.

Boskalis’ Oranje.
Repair work being carried out for Oranje.